Automotive Smart Optoelectronics

ASU’s line of products in the automotive cabin environment includes the AR-HUD, MLA projector on the driver’s side, side door welcome lights, AR smart tailgate as well as in-car multimedia system.

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Smart Home Devices

ASU has broken open a monopolised industry by developing LCD and LCoS technologies, empowering the national 4K+5G large-screen strategical plan, enabling mass-production of innovative HD display products including high-end laser TVs and smart micro projectors, moving forward the industrial localisation process.

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Optical Modules

For a wide range of applications including laser TV, UST projectors for education and office use, home theatre, AR-HUD PGU, and automotive micro projectors.

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Products and Solutions

With a market-adapting range of standardised products and customisation services, various requests and requirements across disciplines can be met by customising optical systems and components according to the customers’ needs.

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