Beijing ASU Tech Co., Ltd.

—— China’s Leading Company in Smart Optical Display Technologies

Founded in March 2015, Beijing ASU Tech Co., Ltd. (or ASU for short) is an innovative technology company with original proprietary technology, as well as core component research and manufacture capabilities. Digging deep in the field of optical display, ASU can provide fully customised optoelectronic services, from component to products.

Certified as a ‘National High-Tech Enterprise’, a ‘National Specialised and Sophisticated SME (Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise) Little Giant Firm’, and a ‘Z-Park Gazelle Enterprise’, ASU was invested in and incubated by Haier Group. After multiple rounds of investment, our shareholders now include industry-leading enterprises such as Haier Group, Xiaomi Inc., Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhonghai Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Essence Securities Co., Ltd.

Coming from well-known companies in both China and overseas including Motorola, Lenovo and Sony, ASU’s optical engineering team packs great research and development capabilities, with deep talent pools in optoelectronics, optics, smart electronics and AI optical design. ASU is one of China’s leading companies in laser imaging, freeform optics, customized optical system design, and development of all-scenario display technology applications. ASU currently owns over 100 patents, over 50% of which are invention patents.

ASU has fully constructed an optical system supply chain, independently defining new optical systems, developing and producing image engines and virtual display end products with imaging technologies including LCD, LCoS, LBS, and Micro-LED. ASU also has its own factories capable of producing modules including MR, HD display, transparent display, holographic display, and micro display; as well as end products including laser projectors, VR glasses, AR tailgates, LCD smart micro-projectors, LFP welcome lights, and AR-HUDs. All of which serve great importance in industries of consumer electronics, automotive, and government related enterprises.

ASU has established in-depth collaborations with a great number of well-known companies and organizations from both China and overseas, including Haier, Xiaomi, Sony, Alibaba, FAW, Hongqi, Great Wall, and Dongfeng. It is ASU’s aim to build an all-new virtual display ecosystem along with these industry leaders.

In the future, ASU will continue to enhance technological innovations, keep moving forward in the optical display industry, empower more disciplines, construct a smart optical display ecosystem, achieve higher values for the customers, with non-stop expansion in both technology and application, and become the leader of the virtual display industry.

Our History

Certifications and Awards

National High-Tech Enterprise
National Specialised and Sophisticated SME (Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise) ‘Little Giant’ Firm
Z-Park Gazelle Enterprise
Beijing Specialised and Sophisticated SME (Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise) ‘Little Giant’ Firm
Z-Park Golden Seed Enterprise
Z-Park Frontier Technology Enterprise And more

China Automotive Parts Industry Award - Lingxuan Awards, Outlook Category
Top 100 Smart Connected Vehicle Innovation Enterprises
2021 Sina Technology Billboard - Start-up Enterprise with Most Potential Award
GGII Automotive AR Solution Award
The 8th Chinese Society for Optical Engineering - Technological Innovation Award And more