Localised IT Innovations

In today's complex political and economic environment, China has fully recognized the significant strategic importance of independent controllability for national security, national economic security, international competitiveness, as well as technological innovations. In September 2022, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) issued the Document No. 79, comprehensively indicating and requiring state-owned enterprises to implement the localization transformation of IT innovations and IT systems.

As of now, ASU already possesses domestic alternative solutions in laser virtual display and interaction technologies, capable of solving the independent controllability issue of both governmental institutions and the ‘eight key industries’ (i.e. finance, telecommunications, petroleum, electric power, transportation, aerospace, education, and medical care), in terms of office-use projectors, equipment displays, and other needs, thus promoting the development and construction of ‘Digital China’.

In the future, ASU will positively respond to national strategies, comply with the requirements of IT innovations, implement the top-level design of domestic substitution in the field of virtual display, as well as facilitating large-scale centralized procurements for governments and enterprises alike.