In-Flight Virtual Display

As the one and only domestic technology company that independently controls the core display technologies based on LCoS and LCD, with complete integration of domestic supply chains and ability to produce image engines as well as end products, ASU adheres to the principle of independent innovation, thereby solving the "stranglehold" issue of the DLP technology, and subsequently launching aircraft-grade cabin projection display products, creating a domestically produced in-flight audio-visual entertainment system.

ASU’s cabin projection display products excel in areas of safety, reliability, customisability, and ease-of-installation. On top of that, ASU can provide a complete, manageable, and operational technical solution around the various needs of users in-flight, including communication, social networking, information browsing, interactive entertainment, and marketing.

As a leading domestic company in areas of laser display, freeform optics, customised optical system design, and all-scenario display technology application development, ASU can provide aircraft-grade image engine modules of excellent performance and high reliability, capable of servicing domestic wide-body aircrafts.