Home Theatre

In recent years, as the living standards of people improve, there have been a rising demand for the ‘large-screen display’ and consequently a boom in development of home smart projectors.

ASU has positively responded to the national 4K+5G large-screen strategical planning by launching a range of smart projector products, bringing the HD large-screen cinema experience into tens of thousands of households.

As the first company in China to develop and mass-produce LCoS image engines and equipped with years of experience in optical design and mass production techniques, ASU has joined the Xiaomi ecosystem. In April 2022, the first laser TV utilising LCoS technology produced by ASU for Xiaomi went into production, and was well received by the consumer market at large.

In 2022

ASU designed and produced a total of two single-panel LCD smart micro-projectors for Xiaomi. Introduced to the projector marketplace in autumn as one of the focus points of the autumn launch event, excellent sales records were achieved on JD.com and Tmall, becoming the best-selling products in the corresponding projector categories.

In 2023, ASU will continue to seize the opportunity of the rapid growth of the smart micro-projector market sector by increasing R&D investment in core components, making full use of the rich experience in product development and mass production, accelerating the business planning in the field of home projectors, and continuing to release well-loved products to the consumer market.