From Laser Projectors to AR-HUD: ASU Accelerating Towards the Automotive Sector

2021-01-09 Source: ASU

If the choice was not made to enter the automotive industry, then as a technological company focusing on the industrial chain of laser virtual display and virtual interaction technology, ASU’s product line will only include laser TV, laser projection equipment, screenless projection personal tablet and so on. However, after a long period of accumulation, ASU chose to release their prowess in the automotive field and became an important member in the field of in-vehicle virtual reality and interaction.

A previous product of ASU is the AR tailgate built for the Bestune E01 with FAW-SN. The user simply needs to step on the ground where the MLA projection unit projects the image, and the tailgate opens. The design of ASU allows the smart tailgate type product, which originally had a success rate of only about 80%, to have a 99% opening success rate.

Another area that fully utilises ASU’s expertise in laser projection is the AR-HUD using LCoS laser projection technology. Compared with the currently installed AR-HUD using LED light source, the AR-HUD designed by ASU has a wider viewing angle and higher contrast, while also improving the brightness and resolution, but at the same time, the space occupied in the centre console space, as well as the equipment cost, are significantly reduced. Lower costs mean that within the framework of the vehicle BOM, more vehicles have the potential to have AR-HUDs installed.

In the future, ASU will continue the R&D and innovation of AR-HUD, pushing higher limits in terms of the imaging distance, covered width, imaging quality and overall volume. At the same time, since the production process, techniques and components all utilise domestic existing technology, ASU's AR-HUD solution will be closer related to domestic enterprises, especially the new-force automotive manufacturers.