On April 13, 2013, the Warriors VS Lakers, 3 minutes before the end of the game, Kobe was injured, the result was a rupture of the Achilles tendon, of which result is his reimbursement of whole season. And the rumors of his retirement flied in the news.

In August 2013, Kobe said in an interview with Chinese journalists: "Somebody has to win, so why not me? (there is always someone to win, why can't it be me? " And 240 days after the recovery, he returned to the game...

Maybe someone will ask, "why do you have to win?" Think carefully, the reason is very simple, the dream is always fresh and pure "first heart" in the restless beat. It is the very ‘early heart’ makes him ready to accept that he will accept everything, regardless of age or injury. It is the initial heart that is most original and moved to keep him open, passionate and infinite.

Everyone has a great and amazing power. If we can skillfully use it, it will bring us confidence rather than shyness, calm rather than chaos, be calm and self satisfied rather than be at a loss, and follow settlement rather than struggle. This is the power of "early heart"!

From the "wristband cast" idea floating in my mind has experienced nearly 3 years, during this period, predators waves in VR, AR and video live field. non-disturbed, always maintaining the initial active state is overconfident, but we know that the quick and wavering result is not what us want; what we want is not to let this several years of deliberation we spent to waste, not to let countless continuously 24 hours of uninterrupted work to waste, not to entrepreneurial environment pollute Chinese creators’ mentality. What we want is a non utilitarian, non speculative, with-attitudes, with-beliefs, and professional enough team to create good technology products!

Compared with many big brands, ASU is a Rookie, one is selected in the first round of the new recruits. He knew the king is from purgatory rather than infancy; he played the role with a curious heart bearing "mushroom law" again and again beat; he valued "condemned" in the environment of support; he did not want to become the copycat of others’ live, picked up the abandoned pieces to reform himself; every time he faced challenges he was aware of whom he’s fighting for; he knows talent*hardwork = ∞"; he had seen the sun at 4am in the morning in Beijing; he is not a lonely person fighting in the battle...... All the experience shapes ASU today. "Aspiration (strong desire), Sagacity (wisdom, clever, insight), Unique (difference)", which is the origin of his name...... In this process, both the product and the team will become "explosive products" to realize the infinite appreciation of thinking and wealth.

I can't promise a future as MVP, king of scoring, the championship as Kobe, but ASU is moving forwards to the next generation of communication terminal. In this process, we will insist the positive attitude, and dare to do the tactical execution, encourage new ideas of trial and error, encourage teamwork, responsibility to employees, consumers, products and the team also into explosive goods, achieve the value promotion of thinking and wealth. I hope that when that day comes, we can use the strength, the details and the heart to suffocate the chatter, and let the users who keep standing with us be consoled.

We firmly believe that human and intelligent wearable products is the mutual interest; tomorrow, tentacles of ASU wrist cast will to extend to the Bermuda of science and technology, will bring more advanced wearable experience to create user experience value, will live hardly in the ruthless world. Here, walk together with the creator of dream, reality and creation!

Forget about the doubts, confusion, hovering and hesitation!

Pay tribute to Kobe! Pay tribute to persistence! Pay tribute to your dreams!

ASU, know difference, do difference, touch future, for ALL!

- Cao Teng

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